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eSIM Europe

Choose 3, 7 or 10 days | 500MB data daily | Hotspot | Usable In 43 Countries

eSIM Europe

Important: Use this eSIM within 28 days of purchase. Please ensure your phone can support eSIM and once purchased, cannot be refunded.


  • 500MB daily data*
  • 3, 7 or 10 days usage (Count daily based on Malaysia Time +8 GMT)
  • Use this eSIM within 28 days upon receiving the QR code
  • Usable in 43 countries (see list)
  • Supports hotspot
  • Make sure your phone has an active internet connection before installing this plan
  • QR code will be emailed to you within 1 working day
  • Cannot call & SMS
  • Cannot top up data
  • No registration required
  • *Speed slows down to 128kbps after data is used up

Card Features

500MB daily data

Valid for 3,7 or 10 days upon installation of eSIM

Hostpot enabled

Supported countries and its respective networks

Countries Telco
Turkey Turkcell, Vodafone, AVEA
Greece T-Mobile, Vodafone, Wind
United Kingdom Telefonica, Vodafone, Three, EE
Ireland Vodafone, METEOR, Hutchison 3G
France Orange, SFR, Free, Bouygues
Switzerland Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt
Italy TIM, Vodafone, Wind
Germany T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telefonica
Poland T-Mobile, Orange Polska S.A.
Czech Republic T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone
Austria A1, T-Mobile, Orange
Hungary Telenor, T-Mobile, Vodafone
Portugal Vodafone, NOS Communications S.A., MEO
Spain Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica
Netherlands Vodafone, KPN, T-Mobile
Belgium Proximus, Orange
Luxembourg POST, Tango, Orange
Denmark TDC, Telenor, Hi3G, Telia Denmark
Sweden TeliaSonera, Hi3G, Tele2 Sverige , Telenor
Norway Telenor, TeliaSonera
Finland Elisa, TeliaSonera
Iceland Nova
Croatia T-Mobile, Vipnet
Bulgaria Mobitel
Romania Vodafone, Telekom, Orange
Ukraine Kyivstar
Serbia VIP Mobile
Latvia LMT, Tele2, Bite Latvija
Liechtenstein Telecom Liechtenstein
Lithuania OMNITEL, Bite Lietuva, UAB Tele2
Slovakia Orange, Telekom, O2
Slovenia A1 Slovenija
Estonia Tele2
Albania Vodafone
Cyprus CYTA
Egypt Vodafone
Kazakhstan K'cell, Tele3
Uzbekistan Unitel LLC-Beeline UZ, COSCOM
Malta Epic Malta
Macedonia Vip Operator
Gibraltar Gibtelecom
Isle of Man Manx Telecom
Jersey JT

Devices that support this eSIM

Your phone must be carrier unlocked before purchasing. Also, please check if your phone supports eSIM from the mobile data settings page. If your local number is used as eSIM, please check how many active eSIMs that your phone can support at one time. If your phone can only support one (1) active eSIM at a time, that means when you are using this eSIM, your local number will be unusable. Most phones allow one (1) eSIM and one (1) physical SIM active usage at a time. iPhone 13 onwards allow two (2) active eSIMs usage at a time.

Some popular phones that supports eSIM :
Apple iPhones and iPads
iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone SE (2020 and 2022)
iPad Air 3rd / 4th gen, iPad Pro 11-inch 1st/2nd/3rd gen, iPad Pro 12.9‑inch 3rd/4th/5th gen, iPad 7th /8th /9th gen, iPad Mini 5th/6th gen
Note that the following Apple devices DO NOT have eSIM capability : iPhone from Mainland China, iPhone devices from Hong Kong and Macao (except for iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE 2020, and iPhone XS).

You can also check whether your iOS device is compatible by checking : Settings > Mobile Data > Add Data Plan

check eSIM settings

Samsung phones
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23+, S23
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, S22+ 5G, S22 5G
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, S21 5G, S21+ 5G
Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Z Flip3 5G, Z Flip4
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, Fold3, Fold 2, Fold
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Note 20+, Note 20

You can also check whether your Android device is compatible by checking : Settings > Connections > SIM card manager

check eSIM settings

Installing this eSIM

Make sure you have an active internet connection either via WiFi or another mobile data plan before installing the eSIM.
For Apple iPhones and iPads:
1. Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Add Data Plan
2. Scan QR code that is emailed to you
3. Your mobile plan is activated as eSIM

For Samsung phones :
1. Go to Settings > Connections > SIM card manager
2. Tap Add mobile plan
3. Tap Add using QR code
4. Scan QR code that is emailed to you
5. Your mobile plan is activated as eSIM

Access Your Own Social Media

Even though you are using a different SIM, you can still have access to all your existing social media accounts like Whatsapp, Wechat and Line. Roam connected with your loved ones at all times.

Money Back Guarantee

All the travel prepaid SIM cards sold here are backed by "Our Promise" to deliver the best working card and customer service to you. Read more about "Our Promise" policy

Card FAQ

How will I get the QR code to install this eSIM?

The QR code for this plan will be emailed to you within 1 working day.

I need the plan urgently, can I get it sooner?

Yes, please WhatsApp us at https://wa.me/60133991010 your order number and we will expedite the order process.

Can I scan and install the data plan and use it later?

You can install the plan by scanning the QR code before your departure, take note once QR code is scanned, the days validity will start counting. Make sure you activate and use it within 28 days upon receiving the QR code at the destination country. You can connect to an active WiFi connection and install it. Please plan based on the days validity of this SIM card.

Can I install the plan without an active internet connection?

No. You must be connected to WiFi or internet connection to install this plan.

My existing local phone number is an eSIM line. Can I still use this eSIM together with my local eSIM phone number?

Phones can install multiple eSIM profiles but can only actively use one (1) or a maximum of two (2) eSIMs at a time. For example, all eSIM enabled Samsung phones can only use one (1) eSIM at a time and one (1) physical SIM. So you can temporarily disable your local phone number eSIM and use this eSIM for your travel or get a physical travel SIM card and use both lines at once.

How good is the network coverage of this eSIM?

Greece (T-Mobile, Vodafone, Wind), Netherlands (Vodafone, KPN, T-Mobile), Belgium (Proximus, Orange), France (Orange, SFR, Free, Bouygues), Spain (Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica), Hungary (Telenor, T-Mobile, Vodafone), Italy (TIM, Vodafone, Wind), Switzerland (Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt), Czech Republic (T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone), Austria (A1, T-Mobile, Orange), United Kingdom (Telefonica, Vodafone, Three, EE), Denmark (TDC, Telenor, Hi3G, Telia Denmark), Sweden (TeliaSonera, Hi3G, Tele2 Sverige , Telenor), Norway (Telenor, TeliaSonera), Finland (Elisa, TeliaSonera), Germany (T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telefonica), Portugal (Vodafone, NOS Communications S.A., MEO), Luxembourg (POST, Tango, Orange), Ireland (Vodafone, METEOR, Hutchison 3G), Iceland (Nova ehf.), Turkey (Turkcell, Vodafone, AVEA), Malta (Epic Malta), Bulgaria (MobilTel), Albania (Vodafone), Croatia (T-Mobile, Vipnet), Cyprus (CYTA), Estonia (Telia Eesti) AS, Tele2), Gibraltar (Gibtelecom), Isle of Man (Manx Telecom), Jersey (JT), Latvia (LMT, Tele2, Bite Latvija), Liechtenstein (Telecom Liechtenstein), Lithuania (OMNITEL, Bite Lietuva, UAB Tele2), Macedonia (Vip Operator), Romania (Vodafone, Telekom, Orange), Serbia (VIP Mobile), Slovakia (Orange, Telekom, O2), Slovenia (A1 Slovenija), Ukraine (Kyivstar), Poland (T-Mobile, Orange Polska S.A.), Egypt (Vodafone), Kazakhstan (K'cell, Tele3), Uzbekistan (Unitel LLC-Beeline UZ, COSCOM). All are good telcos in their respective countries.

If I finished using my data, will I still be able to surf internet at a slower speed?

Yes speed will slow down to 128kbps. The next day you will have 500MB high speed data refreshed on a daily basis.

Can I use Whatsapp to chat and make calls with this eSIM?

You certainly can. Using Whatsapp to call saves you money.

Is the data in this eSIM enough for my usage?

An average person consumes 4GB (4000MB) of data in a 15 days period. More less if travelling overseas for leisure as most of the time will be spent looking at sceneries or participating in some form of outdoor activities. To find out more about usage, you can read our general FAQ here.

Can I use this eSIM in a new phone?

Make sure you make at least 10 to 15 minutes calls and receiving calls to unlock the phone so it can be used with overseas SIM cards.


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