Global AIS Travel Prepaid SIM Card

15 Days | 4GB Unlimited | 99 Countries | Hotspot

Special Price MYR138.00 Regular Price MYR170.00
  • 4GB Unlimited Data*
  • Up to 4G+ Speed
  • Support Hotspot & Tethering
  • 15 Days usage based on Thai time (GMT +7)
  • No registration required
  • Cannot Call & SMS
  • Can be used in 99 Countries (See list below)
  • Cannot top up credit
  • SIM Card expiry 31/12/2021
*Speed capped at 128kbps after 4GB is used up

SIM fits all phone
nano, micro & standard size

Card Features
  • Stay Connected in all Continents

    From the magnificent wonder of the world Pyramids in Egypt to the historic city of Istanbul straddling Europe and Asia and to the breathtaking views of hundreds of sea turtles on the beaches of Oman, your adventure to the heart of the middle east is complete with this multi country Global AIS Travel Prepaid Sim Card. Also usable in Singapore, Hong Kong, Qatar if you are making a transit from there.This Global AIS Travel Prepaid SIM Card automatically searches and connect to the best network each country has depending on your location.

  • 4GB Unlimited Data For 15 Days

    One SIM card is all you need for your your entire trip as it supports up to 4G speed across 99 countries. Don't need to arduously look for Travel Prepaid Sim Card in each and every country and above all save hundreds of Ringgit of roaming charges. This Global AIS Travel Prepaid Sim Card offers convenience and flexibility on your data connectivity so you can soak in the mystic and wonders the world has to offer. Avoid the queues, skip the registrations and enjoy your holiday!

  • Fits All Phones and Discard After Use

    This Global AIS Travel Prepaid Sim Card is pre-cut to 3 sizes (Standard, Micro and Nano) and can fit into all phones. You do not need to pay deposit like MiFi rental and above all avoid shocking roaming charges. Just discard the Sim card after using it. You can purchase for yourself and your loved ones so you will have constant communication in case anyone got lost.

  • Access Google, Facebook, Whatsapp and other Social Media Accounts

    You can access all your social media accounts with this Middle East Travel Prepaid Sim Card. Conveniently stay connected with your family members at all times.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    All the travel prepaid Sim cards sold here are backed by "Our Promise" to deliver the best working card and customer service to you. Read more about "Our Promise" policy here :

    Our Promise


Countries Speed
Egypt 3G,4G
Ghana 3G,4G
South Africa 3G,4G
Uganda 3G,4G
Tonga 3G,4G
Nigeria 3G,4G
North America
Canada 3G,4G
Mexico 3G,4G
Honduras 3G
El Salvador 3G
South America
Argentina 3G,4G
Chile 3G,4G
Colombia 3G,4G
Paraguay 3G,4G
Peru 3G,4G
Puerto Rico 3G,4G
Uruguay 3G,4G
Middle East
Israel 3G
Kuwait 3G,4G
Saudi Arabia 3G,4G
Turkey 3G
Qatar 3G,4G
Oman 3G,4G
Armenia 3G,4G
Azerbaijan 3G,4G
Bangladesh 3G,4G
Brunei 3G,4G
China 3G,4G
Cambodia 3G,4G
Hong Kong 3G,4G
India 3G
Indonesia 3G,4G
Japan 3G,4G
Kazakhstan 3G,4G
Kyrgyzstan 3G,4G
Laos 3G
Macau 3G,4G
Malaysia 3G,4G
Myanmar 3G,4G
Nepal 3G,4G
Pakistan 3G,4G
Philippines 3G,4G
Singapore 3G,4G
South Korea 3G,4G
Sri Lanka 3G,4G
Taiwan 3G,4G
Tibet 3G,4G
Thailand 3G,4G
Uzbekistan 3G,4G
Vietnam 3G,4G
Albania 3G,4G
Aland Islands 3G,4G
Austria 3G,4G
Belarus 3G,4G
Belgium 3G,4G
Bulgaria 3G,4G
Croatia 3G,4G
Czech Republic 3G,4G
Denmark 3G,4G
Estonia 3G,4G
Faroe Islands 3G,4G
Finland 3G,4G
France 3G,4G
Germany 3G,4G
Greece 3G,4G
Hungary 3G,4G
Iceland 3G,4G
Ireland 3G,4G
Italy 3G,4G
Latvia 3G,4G
Liechtenstein 3G,4G
Lithuania 3G
Luxembourg 3G,4G
Macedonia 3G,4G
Malta 3G,4G
Montenegro 3G,4G
Netherlands 3G,4G
Norway 3G,4G
Poland 3G
Portugal 3G,4G
Romania 3G,4G
Russia 3G,4G
Serbia 3G,4G
San Marino 3G,4G
Slovakia 3G,4G
Slovenia 3G,4G
Spain 3G,4G
Sweden 3G,4G
Switzerland 3G,4G
Ukraine 3G,4G
United Kingdom 3G,4G
Vatican City 3G,4G
Australia 3G,4G
New Zealand 3G,4G
Fiji 3G,4G
Papa New Guinea 3G,4G
How To Use

Step 1
Insert the SIM card into your phone only when you arrive at the country of destination. 

Step 2
Turn on Mobile Data and Data Roaming (under Mobile Networks in settings)

In case cannot access internet after Step 2

You will need to manually set up Access Point Names(APN) according to your phone OS and select it. Then restart your phone. 



Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Names > Add

Name : AIS Internet
APN : internet

Settings > General > Profile

If you see an unusual profile, please remove it.

Once activated you will receive SMS.

It is free to check balance : Dial *111*6#

Card FAQ

How good is the network coverage of this SIM card?

It will automatically choose the network with the strongest signal. 3G or 4G speed is depending on location.

If I finished using my data, will I still be able to surf internet at a slower speed?

Yes you can still surf at 128kbps after 4GB is used up.

I am transitting from Singapore airport. Can I use the card there?

Yes you can! This can can be used in the Aviation Hubs : SIngapore, Hong Kong and Turkey. However once you use, the days and data will start counting.

Can I use Whatsapp to chat and make calls with this card?

You certainly can. Using Whatsapp to call saves you money.

Is the data inside this card enough for my usage?

Depending on your usage, 30 days usage of 4GB (4000MB) is enough for an average user. Since you will be using this card for less than 30 days, the data allocated should be sufficient. Here is an example of a typical daily data usage overseas: 

Typical daily data usage overseas example


Average Size/Unit


Total Usage

Website Browsing


30 pages


Text Emails


50 Emails


Emails with attachments


5 Emails


Sending message
( Whatsapp / Line / Wechat )


1000 messages


Data voice call
( Whatsapp / Line / Wechat )


30 minutes


Upload photo
( Whatsapp, Line, Wechat )


10 photos


Upload photo
( Instagram / Facebook )


10 photos


Watch a youtube video


10 minutes


Get turn by turn directions using waze or google maps


8 hours


Average overseas usage per day*


(Only for your reference. Different users will have different usage pattern)

What are the shipping rates and how long will it takes for my purchases to arrive?

1. Malaysia (including Labuan, Sabah & Sarawak)

(a) GDEX courier- RM6 per delivery, free for purchases above RM100. Estimated delivery time is 2-4 working days.

(b) Express Shipping- Available for KL & Selangor area from RM18 to RM35 depending on your location, receive parcel within 12-24 working hours (Mon-Fri).

(c) Self collect- Collection in Ara Damansara, Selangor. Collect 2 hours after you placed the order, collection time is from Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4pm. We are closed weekend and Public Holidays.
Address :
Hello1010 Sdn. Bhd
J-2-10, Jalan PJU 1A/20B, Dataran Ara Damansara,
47301 Ara Damansara, Selangor, Malaysia.

2. Elsewhere

DHL Worldwide Express for international deliveries. Deliveries are essentially made within 1-3 working days.

Country of Delivery

Price & Delivery Time

Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines, Bhutan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan

RM60/delivery to a location.
(Unlimited items)
1-3 Working Days

USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary,Italy, Republic of Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Bangladesh, India.

RM80/delivery to a location.
(Unlimited items)
1-3 Working Days

Rest of the World

RM145/delivery to a location.
(Unlimited items)
1-4 Working Days

Click here for more information on our shipping & delivery

My phone is region locked and can only accept South East Asia SIM cards. Can I still use this card in?

To all New phone models have a sticker showing “South East Asia SIM Cards only” in the packaging. The message simply means you need to use a South East Asia SIM card to activate the phone. After you made calls of at least 10 minutes with the phone, your phone will then be able to use any SIM cards worldwide.


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