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Japan NTT Docomo 10 Days (Infinite Data) Travel Prepaid Plan

10 Days | Infinite 4G+ Data | Hotspot

Japan NTT Docomo 10 Days (Infinite Data) Travel Prepaid Plan

10 Days | Infinite 4G+ Data | Hotspot

you will get 139

Quick Overview

  • Infinite 4G+ Data*
  • No data limit, no speed cap
  • Valid for 10 Days upon using
  • Support Hotspot & Tethering
  • Usage based on HK time as this is HK Card roaming in Japan
  • NTT Docomo 4G+ Network
  • No registration required
  • Cannot Call & SMS
  • Plan will be injected into SIM when you use it
  • Cannot top up credit
  • SIM Card expiry 31st Dec 2019
*Not allowed to use for torrent download or risk plan deactivated

SIM fits all phone
nano, micro & standard size

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  • Japan at the palm of your hand

    Use it to navigate, youtube, facebook, Instagram, surfing internet to your heart’s content and you will still not run out of data. With a flick of your finger, you can turn on hotspot sharing in your mobile phone and share data with your friends and family. Don’t need to have a separate MiFi device because your phone IS a MiFi device. Get excellent connectivity all over Japan with 4G speed on Docomo network in cities like Tokyo, Hokkaido, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Kobe, Nagasaki and everywhere else.

  • Infinite data, no limit, no speed cap in Japan

    Don’t need to trouble yourself by looking for travel SIM cards when you arrive at your destination. Now you can save precious time and avoid language issues and enjoy instant internet access even before you disembark from your plane. With truly unlimited 4G+ data lasting for 10 days and no registration required, you can assuredly explore Japan with extra confidence and peace of mind.

  • Fits All Phones and Discard After Use

    This Japan travel prepaid SIM card is pre-cut to 3 sizes (Standard, Micro and Nano) and can fit into all phones. You do not need to pay deposit like MiFi rental and above all avoid shocking roaming charges. Just discard the SIM card after using it. You can purchase for yourself and your loved ones so you will have constant communication in case anyone got lost.

  • Use back your own social media accounts

    You can access all your social media accounts with this Japan travel prepaid SIM card. Conveniently stay connected with your family members at all times.

  • Money back guarantee.

    All the travel prepaid plans and SIM cards sold are backed by "Our Promise" to deliver the best working card and customer service to you. Read more about "Our Promise" policy here : www.hello1010.my/our-promise

Additional Information

Step 1
Insert the SIM card into your phone when you arrive in Japan. Make sure Data Roaming, Mobile Data and 4G LTE is turned on. 
(Note that usage is counted based on days and Hong Kong local time.)

Step 2
You should be automatically connected. In case you are still not connected, please manually set up Access Point Names(APN) according to your phone OS and select it. Then restart your phone. 



Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Names > Add

Name : vmobile.jp
APN : vmobile.jp
Authentication type : PAP or CHAP 


Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Network

APN : vmobile.jp


How good is the network coverage of this SIM card?

You will be on one of Japan's largest telco, NTT Docomo. You will enjoy its 3G and 4G network with this card.

Can I use Whatsapp to chat and make calls with this card?

You certainly can. Using Whatsapp to call saves you money.

My phone is region locked and can only accept South East Asia SIM cards. Can I still use this card?

To all NEW phone models have a sticker showing “South East Asia SIM Cards only” in the packaging. The message simply means you need to use a South East Asia SIM card to activate the phone. After you made calls of at least 10 minutes with the phone, your phone will then be able to use any SIM cards worldwide.

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