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Japan, South Korea Unicom 12 Days Travel Prepaid SIM Card

12 Days | 6GB Unlimited Data | Hotspot | 13 Countries

Special Price MYR74.00 Regular Price MYR95.00
  • 6GB Unlimited Data
  • 12 Days Usage (Count daily based on Malaysia Time +8GMT)
  • Usable in Japan, South Korea, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka
  • Supports Hotspot
  • No registration required
  • Cannot Call & SMS
  • Cannot top up credit
  • Use SIM card before 31/12/2023
  • Speed capped at 256kbps after 6GB data is used up.
3-in-1 SIM

SIM fits all phone

Card Features

Connected in Asia for 12 Days

Usable in Japan, South Korea, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka. This Japan and South Korea Travel Prepaid SIM card is especially convenient for those transiting from Singapore as you can be constantly connected throughout your journey. If you insert in Malaysia, the validity will start so please plan accordingly if you intent to activate it in Malaysia first.

Affordable Convenience

Don’t need to trouble yourself looking for travel SIM cards when you arrive at your destination. Enjoy instant internet access even before you leave your plane. You need not pay deposit like MiFi rental and avoid shocking roaming charges. This Japan, South Korea Unicom (12 Days) Travel Prepaid SIM Card can fit all phones and just discard the SIM card after using it. You can purchase for yourself and loved ones and maintain constant communication in case anyone got lost.

Access Your Own Social Media

Even though you are using a different SIM card, you can still have access to all your existing social media accounts like WhatsApp, WeChat and Line. Roam connected with your loved ones at all times.

Money Back Guarantee

All the travel prepaid SIM cards sold here are backed by "Our Promise" to deliver the best working card and customer service to you. Read more about "Our Promise" policy here : www.hello1010.my/our-promise

Card FAQ

How good is the network coverage of this SIM card?

Network used are as follow: Japan (Softbank), South Korea (SK Telecom), Macau (CTM), Taiwan (TSTAR), Singapore (Starhub), Thailand (DTAC), Malaysia (DiGi), Laos (Star Telecom), Indonesia (Indosat), Philippines (Globe), Cambodia (Metfone), Vietnam (Viettel), Sri Lanka (H3G)

I will be travelling to a Singapore and Philippines. Can I use the card in these countries and what settings do I need to do?

Yes you can! You just need to do settings once and manually search and connect to respective country's network when you arrive. However we recommend to use this SIM card in Japan or South Korea only as it is costly to use it in the other listed countries. Please check out other cards options in our website if you are not going to Japan or South Korea.

If I finished using the 6GB high speed data, will I still be able to surf internet at a slower speed?

Yes you still can at a lower speed of 256kbps.

Can I use Whatsapp to chat and make calls with this card?

You certainly can. Using Whatsapp to call saves you money.

Is the data inside this card enough for my usage?

An average person consumes 4GB (4000MB) of data in a 15 days period. More less if travelling overseas for leisure as most of the time will be spent looking at sceneries or participating in some form of outdoor activities. To find out more about usage, you can read our general FAQ here.

What are the shipping rates and how long will it takes for my purchases to arrive?

Find out more information on our shipping and delivery here.

Can I use this SIM card in a new phone?

Make sure you make at least 10 to 15 minutes calls and receiving calls to unlock the phone so it can be used with overseas SIM cards.


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