Hello1010 Rewards

Spend your way up to more privileges

On top of earning HelloPoints for every spent, you can progress up membership tiers and enjoy more privileges. Once you achieved a membership tier, you stay there permanently

Membership Tier
Lifetime spent Upon Sign Up Cumulative RM4,000 spent and 20 orders Cumulative RM8,000 spent and 30 orders Cumulative RM15,000 spent and 50 orders
Additional Discount - +2% +3% +4%
(Discount automatically applied to every order and can be stacked with other coupon codes or promotion)
Points Expiry 365 Days 365 Days 365 Days 365 Days
Free Travel Gear worth - - - Spend above RM1500 and receive a premium gift worth RM100

More ways to earn HelloPoints

It’s your birthday and get points automatically in your account that will last till your next birthday

New to Hello1010? Register and a 5% coupon code will be emailed to you

After using the SIM card, you’ll receive a review request email. Complete the review and receive a coupon code for your next purchase

Note : Customer can only redeem points when total 10 HelloPoints is accumulated

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