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USA, Canada & Mexico T-Mobile Travel Prepaid Plan

13 Days | 10GB Unlimited | Unlimited Local Call/SMS | Hotspot

USA, Canada & Mexico T-Mobile Travel Prepaid Plan

13 Days | 10GB Unlimited | Unlimited Local Call/SMS | Hotspot

you will get 159

Quick Overview

  • 10GB Unlimited Data*
  • 4G Speed
  • Unlimited Local Calls & SMS
  • Support Hotspot & Tethering
  • 13 Days Usage
  • Can be used in USA (Cannot be used in Alaska), Canada and Mexico
  • Canada and Mexico usage capped at 5GB
  • Cannot top up credit
  • SIM expiry 31st Jan 2020
*Speed capped at 128kbps after 10GB is used up
Cannot support all Huawei (except Mate9 Pro, Mate10 Pro, P20, P20 Pro, Mate20, P30), Xiaomi (except XiaoMi8), Vivo (except VivoX21), Sony, Asus, Oppo (except OppoR15) or any other china brand models

SIM fits all phone
nano, micro & standard size

download quick guide
read in detail about this card

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Regular Price: RM230.00

Special Price RM159.00


T-MOBILE is the top 3 largest and widest network in the USA. On top of the 10GB Unlimited data at 4G speed, this USA travel prepaid SIM card comes with Unlimited calls and sms locally. Besides USA, you can use this card to roam into Canada and Mexico for free. It will use its existing data quota in Canada & Mexico but limited to 5GB usage in these countries. Essentially this is a 3-in-1 country card. This USA travel prepaid SIM card provides by far the best data value for your travel to USA including Hawaii, Canada & Mexico compared to other SIM card options, MiFi rental and roaming. It is sold at US$65 in T-Mobile stores in USA. 

When you are in Canada, the operator will automatically switch from T-Mobile to either Rogers, Bell, Telus or WIND
When you are in Mexico, the operator will automatically switch from T-Mobile to either Telcel, Lusacell, Nextel, or Telefonica.

This card is so affordable every one in your travel group can have one of this USA Travel SIM card each and stay connected with each other at all times for your trip to North America. For registration and activation of card, we require you to provide us with your date of arrival in the USA and the number of days you will be there. We will assist in the registration and activation which means you can just insert the card into your phone and use it when you are in USA, Canada or Mexico.

Additional Information

Step 1
Let us know your arrival date and serial number of your card and we will activate for you.

Step 2
Insert SIM card and set up APN according to your phone OS



 APN Settings for Internet

Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Names > Add

Name : T-Mobile

APN : epc.tmobile.com

 Automatic detection.

Step 3
Select the APN you just set and restart your phone. It may take a few restart to take effect.

Step 4
Turn on ‘Data Roaming’ (under Mobile Networks in settings)

How good is the network coverage of this USA travel prepaid SIM card?

T-Mobile has one of the widest network coverage in the USA. It is certainly as good as it gets in terms of coverage. T-Mobile partners with all the top Telcos in Canada and Mexico. Hence you will get excellent connectivity when you roam free into Canada and Mexico using this card.

If I finished using the 10GB of my data, will I still be able to surf internet at a slower speed?

Yes you can but the speed will be slowed down to 128kbps.

Can I use top up when I finished using data in this card?

No you cannot top up after the Data is finished.

Does Unlimited Local Calls & SMS covers Mexico and Canada?

Yes, you can make calls and sms for free to numbers in USA, Canada and Mexico.

Is the data inside this card enough for my usage?

Depending on your usage, 30 days usage of 4GB (4000MB) is enough for an average user. Since you will be using this card for less than 30 days, the data allocated should be sufficient. Here is an example of a typical daily data usage overseas: 

Typical daily data usage overseas example


Average Size/Unit


Total Usage

Website Browsing


30 pages


Text Emails


50 Emails


Emails with attachments


5 Emails


Sending message
( Whatsapp / Line / Wechat )


1000 messages


Data voice call
( Whatsapp / Line / Wechat )


30 minutes


Upload photo
( Whatsapp, Line, Wechat )


10 photos


Upload photo
( Instagram / Facebook )


10 photos


Watch a youtube video


10 minutes


Get turn by turn directions using waze or google maps


8 hours


Average overseas usage per day*


(Only for your reference. Different users will have different usage pattern)

My phone is region locked and can only accept South East Asia SIM cards. Can I still use this card in?

To all New phone models have a sticker showing “South East Asia SIM Cards only” in the packaging. The message simply means you need to use a South East Asia SIM card to activate the phone. After you made calls of at least 10 minutes with the phone, your phone will then be able to use any SIM cards worldwide.

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