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USA Ultra Mobile Travel Prepaid Plan

30 Days | 15GB Unlimited Data | Unlimited Call/SMS | Hotspot

Special Price MYR169.00 Regular Price MYR175.00
  • 15GB unlimited data*
  • Unlimited local calls/SMS
  • Unlimited calls/SMS to 80+ International Countries including Malaysia & Singapore
  • US$5 call credit to countries not covered by free calls
  • USA phone number
  • 30 days usage from activation date (refer quick guide, suggest to do it 1-2 days before departure)
  • Cannot be used in Alaska
  • Hotspot enabled up to 10GB (phone only)
  • Can top up credit (Ultra Mobile shop/app)
  • Activate SIM before 31/12/2023

*Speed capped at 128kbps after data is used up. Check phone compatibility before buying this SIM card. Check network coverage of the location that you will be visiting. Read Ultra Mobile complete T&C.

3-in-1 SIM

SIM fits all phone

Card Features

Ultramobile Phone Check

When checking your phone compatibility with this SIM card, it may show as 'Compatible' but you need to tap on the question mark symbol to reveal more information about the supported bands. The example above shows the phone is compatible only for a limited number of network bands. This will limit the coverage and hamper the usage experience. Make sure sufficient bands are supported before purchasing and using this SIM card. Check your phone compatibility here.

Ultra Mobile is one of the largest MVNO in the United States and it uses the T-Mobile network. Enjoy 15GB unlimited data and once the data is used up, you can still surf at 128kbps. The advantage of this card is its Unlimited Calls & SMS features within United States to more than 80 countries including Malaysia. For countries outside these 80 countries, you can still contact them because this card comes with US$5 calls credit to countries not covered by the free calls stated in the table below. 

Countries that you can enjoy unlimited Calls:

Countries Mobile Landline
Malaysia Yes Yes
Algeria No Yes
American Samoa Yes No
Andorra No Yes
Argentina No Yes
Australia Yes Yes
Austria Yes Yes
Belgium Yes Yes
Bermuda Yes Yes
Bhutan No Yes
Brazil Yes Yes
Brunei Yes Yes
Bulgaria Yes Yes
Canada Yes Yes
Chile Yes Yes
China Yes Yes
Colombia Yes Yes
Costa Rica No Yes
Croatia Yes Yes
Cyprus Yes Yes
Czech Republic Yes Yes
Denmark Yes Yes
Dominican Republic No Yes
Estonia No Yes
Finland Yes Yes
France Yes Yes
Germany Yes Yes
Gibraltar No Yes
Greece Yes Yes
Guadeloupe No Yes
Guam Yes Yes
Hong Kong Yes Yes
Hungary Yes Yes
Iceland Yes Yes
India Yes Yes
Indonesia Yes Yes
Ireland Yes Yes
Israel Yes Yes
Italy Yes Yes
Japan Yes Yes
Kazakhstan No Yes
Kuwait Yes Yes
Lithuania No Yes
Luxembourg Yes Yes
Macau Yes Yes
Malaysia Yes Yes
Malta Yes Yes
Martinique Yes Yes
Mexico Yes Yes
Mongolia Yes Yes
Morocco No Yes
Namibia Yes Yes
Netherlands No Yes
New Zealand Yes Yes
Northern Mariana Isl. No Yes
Norway Yes Yes
Pakistan No Yes
Telenor+Zong No Yes
Panama No Yes
Paraguay Yes Yes
Peru Yes Yes
Poland Yes Yes
Portugal Yes Yes
Romania Yes Yes
Russia No Yes
San Marino No Yes
Singapore Yes Yes
Slovakia No Yes
Slovenia No Yes
South Africa No Yes
South Korea Yes Yes
Spain Yes Yes
Swaziland No Yes
Sweden Yes Yes
Switzerland No Yes
Taiwan No Yes
Thailand Yes Yes
Turkey No Yes
UAE No Yes
United Kingdom Yes Yes
Uruguay No Yes
Venezuela No Yes

This card is so affordable every one in your travel group can have one of this USA Travel SIM card each and stay connected with each other at all times for your trip to USA.

How To Use

Step 1
Once arrive in USA, activate the SIM by visiting HERE. Once activated, you will then receive the phone number via SMS. Take note that the 30 days usage starts immediately after you activate it online.

Step 2
Set up APN according to your phone OS:



 APN Settings for Internet

Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Names > Add

Name : wholesale

APN : wholesale

 Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network

Under Cellular Data
APN : wholesale

Under Personal Hotspot
APN : wholesale

Select the APN you just set and restart your phone. It may take a few restart to take effect.

Step 4
Turn on ‘Data Roaming’ (under Mobile Networks in settings)

Dialling Methods

USA Local Calls :
Area Code + Tel Number OR 1+Area Code+Tel Number
USA Local SMS :
Country Code + Mobile Number

International Calls :
011 + Country Code + Area Code + Tel Number
International SMS :
Country Code + Mobile Number

Card FAQ

How good is the network coverage of this USA travel prepaid SIM card?

T-Mobile has one of the widest network coverage in the USA. It is certainly as good as it gets in terms of coverage. You can check the coverage by entering your zip code HERE

How do I know if my phone is compatible with this SIM card?

You can visit HERE to check your phone compatibility. Insert a zip code and next select your phone model.

If I finished using the 15GB of my data, will I still be able to surf internet at a slower speed?

Yes you can but the speed will be slowed down to 128kbps.

Can I use top up when I finished using data in this card?

Top up via Ultra Mobile app, go to 'Manage Plan' section to purchase top up or visit any nearest Ultra Mobile branch in USA

Is the data inside this card enough for my usage?

An average person consumes 4GB (4000MB) of data in a 15 days period. More less if travelling overseas for leisure as most of the time will be spent looking at sceneries or participating in some form of outdoor activities. To find out more about usage, you can read our general FAQ here.

What are the shipping rates and how long will it takes for my purchases to arrive?

Find out more information on our shipping and delivery here.

Can I use this SIM card in a new phone?

Make sure you make at least 10 to 15 minutes calls and receiving calls to unlock the phone so it can be used with overseas SIM cards.


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