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eSIM Thailand DTAC

10 Days | 50GB Unlimited Data (Promo: Infinite High Speed Data use before 20/12/2024) | Unlimited DTAC Calls | 100 Mins Local Calls

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The best Tourist SIM in Thailand is now available as eSIM. Get it here at a cheaper price compared to getting it in Thailand. What's even better, there's no need for registration – simply scan and go. This upgraded eSIM provides 50GB of unlimited data with 10-day validity, along with unrestricted calls to DTAC numbers and 100 minutes of free calls to other telecom providers, making your journey to Thailand a breeze. Check network coverage: DTAC network coverage here.

  • 50GB unlimited data for 10 days (Promo: Infinite High Speed Data use before 20/12/2024)

    Promo: Infinite High Speed Data use before 20/12/2024. After that back to 50GB unlimited data and speed slows down to 384kbps after data is used up. Validity starts upon installing the eSIM and stops upon reaching the duration as stated.

  • Unlimited DTAC local calls

    And also free 100-minute local calls to other telcos.

  • No Registration Needed

    Just install the eSIM and use.

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  • Redemption code can be kept for 90 days
  • Once QR code is redeemed, use it within 30 days
  • The DTAC phone number will be sent to you via SMS once this plan is activated
  • Cannot top up data

Compatible Phone List

Not all phones with eSIM capability can use eSIM plans because it depends on carrier support, device compatibility, and software updates. You may contact us to check.

To confirm whether your phone can use eSIM, dial *#06# to check whether there is EID number displayed on your screen. If there is EID, meaning your phone support eSIM. If there is no EID, meaning your phone does not support eSIM.

How to redeem & install esim

Redeeming the eSIM

Step 1
The eSIM 'Redemption Code' which is valid for 90 days, will be emailed to you

Step 2
Go to to redeem your eSIM QR code

Step 3
Once redeemed, the eSIM QR must be used within 30 days

Installing the eSIM

Make sure you have an active internet connection either via WiFi or another mobile data plan before installing the eSIM.

For Apple iPhones and iPads

Step 1
Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Add Data Plan/Add eSIM

Step 2
Scan the QR code that you have redeemed

Step 3
Your mobile plan is activated as eSIM

    For Samsung phones

    Step 1
    Go to Settings > Connections > SIM card manager

    Step 2
    Tap Add mobile plan/Add eSIM

    Step 3
    Tap Add using QR code

    Step 4
    Scan or upload QR code that you have redeemed

    Step 5
    Your mobile plan is activated as eSIM

      Product FAQ

      How will I get the QR code to install this eSIM?

      Once purchased, you will receive an email containing the QR redemption code. You can keep this code for 90 days before redeeming the QR code. To redeem the QR code, go to Once the QR code is redeemed, you must use it within 30 days, or else the plan will expire.

      Can I scan and install the data plan and use it later?

      You can install the plan by scanning the QR code before your departure but take note once the QR code is scanned, the days' validity period will commence. Ensure that you connect to an available WiFi network for the installation of the data plan. Be sure to plan your usage according to the number of days the SIM card will remain valid.

      Can I install the plan without an active internet connection?

      No. You must be connected to WiFi or an internet connection to install this plan.

      Can I transfer my eSIM from one phone to another phone?

      Once the eSIM code is scanned on one phone, it cannot be transferred to another phone because the plan tied to the code is specific to the original phone it was scanned on.

      My existing local phone number is an eSIM line. Can I still use this eSIM together with my local eSIM phone number?

      Phones have the capability to install multiple eSIM profiles, but their active use is limited to just one (1) or a maximum of two (2) eSIMs concurrently. For instance, Samsung phones that support eSIM functionality can utilize just one (1) eSIM at a time, in addition to one (1) physical SIM card. Therefore, you have the option to temporarily deactivate your local phone number eSIM and switch to this eSIM for your travel needs, or you can opt for a physical travel SIM card and operate both lines simultaneously.

      How good is the network coverage of this eSIM?

      This eSIM operates on the DTAC network, the top Telco in Thailand.

      Can I make calls using this eSIM?

      This is a local Thailand SIM and you will receive a local Thailand phone number via SMS once the plan is activated. After which you can make unlimited calls within the DTAC network and another additional 100-minute calls to other telcos.

      How do I check my phone number?

      After activated the eSIM in Thailand, you can dial *102*9# to check your phone number.

      How can I check my data balance?

      You can dial *101*1*9# to check your data usage.

      If I finish using my data, can I continue to access the internet at a reduced speed?

      Yes, however, the speed will decrease to 384kbps.

      Can I use WhatsApp to chat and make calls with this eSIM?

      You certainly can. Using WhatsApp to call is free of charge.

      Is the data in this eSIM enough for my usage?

      On average, a person typically uses 4GB (4000MB) of data over a 15-day period. This consumption may be lower when traveling overseas for leisure, as much of the time is often dedicated to admiring scenery or engaging in outdoor activities. For additional information on usage, you can read our general FAQ here.

      Can I use this eSIM on a new phone?

      Make sure you make at least 10 to 15-minute calls and receive calls to unlock the phone so it can be used with overseas SIM cards.