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Free delivery (Msia), orders above RM100

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Returns & Refunds

All goods sold are not returnable nor exchangeable. For eSIM, refund is not possible once QR code is being generated or wrong email address is keyed during purchase.

In any case if your cards or eSIM do not work in your destination country, please contact our Technical Support Team immediately via WhatsApp at +6013 399 1010 and we will assist in fixing the issue. You must contact us first because sometimes unusable cards or eSIM could be caused by wrong settings which can be easily fixed. Failure to contact us while you are overseas to resolve the problem will void your refund privilege.

There are also some scenarios whereby we are not responsible for a refund as follow :

a. Flight is cancelled or rescheduled - No refund is applicable for this UNLESS if your SIM card require pre-activation based on your arrival date. If we have not activated your card, then you are qualified for a refund. Hence it is important for you to inform us as soon as possible if your travel has been rescheduled so we can stop the activation of your SIM card. Note that if the SIM card is activated, we are unable to undo it and refund will not be applicable.

b. SIM lock phones - Brand new phones are usually locked to Malaysia SIM cards. You must make or receive calls of at least 15 minutes to SIM unlock the phone. After which, you will be able to use overseas SIM cards. Refund is not applicable for the said case.

c. Unable to use Hotspot or access certain Apps - If you are able to use the data, but is unable to hotspot or access certain apps, this is due to the phone settings, software limitations or the apps are blocked by the Service Provider due to regulations which are beyond our control. Also, if you have reached data limit and the speed has been tethered down, most apps will not be usable. Refund is not applicable for the said case.

d. Phone unable to access SIM’s network - Certain SIM plans has a requirement on the phone’s model and network band in order to use the SIM. If there is such requirement, it will be stated on the product page. Refund is not applicable for the said case.

e. Destination country Telco network down - Just like in Malaysia, sometimes Telco will face network issues resulting in disruption of services. This is beyond our control and we will keep you updated until issues are resolved. Refund is not applicable for the said case.

f. SIM suspended by Telco due to breach of policy - In any case that your SIM is suspended or terminated by the Service Provider, it means that there has been a breach of policy occurred. We are unable to undo this as the Telco has their own security team that has the final say on barring SIM cards. SIM card usage policies will be listed in the product page if there is any. Refund is not applicable for the said case.

g. Change of policy or plans by Telco - Telcos always change their plans and most of the time without informing us. The plans could be changed for the better or worse and in both cases, we are not responsible for it. Nevertheless, we will update any changes at the affected product page immediately after we get information of it.

h. If you forget to pick up your SIM card or it expires, you can't get a refund or exchange. For orders selected for pick-up, you must pick up your order within 60 days from the purchase date, or it will be cancelled.

For cases not related to Telco network down and we failed to solve the problem within 24 hours (counted from the moment we acknowledged your problem), we will refund you when you come back from your trip. Customer has to bear the return shipping fee and the refund process will take up to 7 working days, we will notify you via WhatsApp or email when it is completed.

Qualified refund cases are as follow

a. SIM FAULTY - "NO SIM" detected in the phone. Refund minus shipping fee (if any).

b. Unshipped orders - If your order has not been shipped and you would like to cancel it. Refund minus 6% cancellation fee. Note that once the product is collected or shipped, it is not applicable for refund.

c. Delayed shipment - If your order did not reach you within the shipping schedule and have passed your travel dates. Refund minus shipping fee (if any).

Please note that Return SIM card to us with shipping fee borne by buyer.

Refund Methods

1. HelloPoints credit refund: You will receive a refund minus and shipping or cancellation fees (if any).

2. Bank transfer refund: There is a 6% processing fee on the refund amount after deducting shipping or cancellation fees (if any).

Claim steps

1. Email to or call us at +6013 399 1010 within 3 days upon arrival in Malaysia to report on the faulty card.

2. Return the SIM card back to us for our investigation. We will not bear the costs of returning back the card (either through courier or hand delivery). Courier address is: Hello1010 Sdn Bhd, J-2-10, Jalan PJU 1A/20B, Dataran Ara Damansara, 47301 Ara Damansara, Selangor.

3. We will contact you within 3 working days on the result of investigation. Successful claims will receive refund in the form of HelloPoints store credits or bank transfer