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Daily Data Usage Example

Example: Typical daily data usage overseas
Usage  Average Size/Unit Usage/Day Total Usage
Website or App Browsing 1MB/page 100 pages 100MB
Text Emails 0.5MB/email 20 emails 1MB
Emails with attachments 3MB/email 10 emails 30MB
Chat (WhatsApp/WeChat) 0.002MB/message 1000 messages 2MB
Data calls (WhatsApp/WeChat) 0.2MB/min 30 mins 6MB
Share photos (WhatsApp/Wechat) 0.5MB/photo 30 15MB
Share videos (WhatsApp/WeChat) 10MB/video 3 30MB
Watch a Youtube video 10MB/min 20 mins 200MB
Get turn by turn directions using waze or google maps 10MB/hour 4 40MB
 Average overseas data usage per day* 424MB

*Only for reference as different user will consume data differently. Always remember to turn OFF your automatic backups and updates as these will consume a lot of data.