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Taiwan Travel Prepaid SIM Card

30 Days | 10GB Or 20GB Data | Hotspot | Use before 31/10/2024

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With coverage across Taiwan and high-speed internet access on the country's fastest and widest Chunghwa Telecom network. No registration is required and just insert SIM and turn on data roaming. Once you are done, just discard the SIM card. Whether you're hiking in Taroko Gorge, navigating the night markets of Taipei, or exploring the countryside, this Taiwan Travel SIM Card has got you covered.

  • Select 10GB or 20GB Plan

    Speed slow down to 128kbps once data is used up

  • 30 Days

    Validity starts upon using the SIM and ends at 12am GMT +8

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  • Cannot call, SMS, top up
  • This plan does not support Tiktok
  • 1 Passport page for 1 SIM card as per requirement from Taiwan regulators
  • IMPORTANT : Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, S10+, Z Flip 1, A Series model before 2020, Oppo Reno 8 Pro , Vivo X80, Realme GT neo 3, Google pixel 8 pro, Google pixel 8 and also any other phone models before 2020 or below RM1,000

Product FAQ

How good is the network coverage of this SIM card?

This card uses ChungHwa Telecom network. The top telco in Taiwan.

If I finished using my data, will I still be able to surf internet at a slower speed?

Yes, you can. Once data is used up, the speed will slowdown to 128 kbps

Can I use Whatsapp to chat and make calls with this card?

You certainly can. Using Whatsapp to call saves you money.

Is the data inside this card enough for my usage?

An average person consumes 4GB (4000MB) of data in a 15 days period. More less if travelling overseas for leisure as most of the time will be spent looking at sceneries or participating in some form of outdoor activities.

What are the shipping rates and how long will it takes for my purchases to arrive?

Find out more information on our shipping and delivery here.

Can I use this SIM card in a new phone?

Make sure you make at least 10 to 15 minutes calls and receiving calls to unlock the phone so it can be used with overseas SIM cards.